Wolf Radus/Raven
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 50
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation(s): Former History Teacher
Family & Friends
Relationships: Daphne Radus (Wife)
Enemies: Sibuna
Other Information
Interests: gave the grail to Amneris.
Series Information
First appearance: Folge 128
Last appearance: Folge 234
Portrayer: Carlo Kitzlinger
Other Versions: Wolf Rensen/Raven van Prijze (Dutch)

Wolf Radus/Raven is the man with the raven mask. It is embodied in the series of Wolf Radus / Raven. Raven played since episode The man with the mask to the end of the second. Season, where he was burned by Amneris and the Grail, with Raven poisoned Zeno Trabas, Nina Martens, and Pierre Marant with the venom of an Egyptian beetle, which he had always in his ring.


Pierre Marant he poisoned the Epsisode - Love by ebendfalls poured the poison into his wine. Dardurch also Pierre Marant fell into coma. Raven said, after Pierre Marant fell into a coma: "Good night, Pierre Marant and Auserd me endgeht nothing.". In the semifinals, the Second Season, in the episode "In Castle", 


when he was going to poisoned Nina for a temporary amnesia

Nina was poisoned by him. Nina is not the chosen one, and she is holding up the Grail about the time of 16 o' clock in the castle because Raven wanted the love grave on their own. Since this did not happen must Nina forgotten everything and thus Raven brought Nina in comma. Raven extorted even to Magnus. He created a video on his cell phone, where you can see the Magnus was doing when he poison Trabas the Grail and Trabas fell to the ground. In addition, Raven extorted the 1st part of season 2 if Magnus did not bring him certain information, He will do harm to Mara. He promised to pick up his father from prison, if he gives him the Grail. During the second part of season 2 Nina is not the chosen one, but Mara was. In the end of Season 2, in episode 230, Daphne kidnapped Mara and they brought them to the palace. The next morning, at sunrise, Raven is very confident of to get his victories, everything was as it should be: he had the Grail and the Medailion, the chosen and the date. As at sunrise Mara stood in the tower of the castle and Tutankhamen and Amneris appeared, Raven took the Grail from the hands of Mara and handed to Amneris. Suddenly, a terrible noise was heard and Raven burned.
Wolf Radus

Unmasked Raven

Wolf Radus is one of the teachers of Magnus, Mara, Delia, Nina, Luzy, Charlotte and others. He has also observed using cameras by Magnus and Zeno Trabas. Raven is threatened Magnus. If he does not yield the papyrus scroll, then he will do something happened to his family and Mara .Most recently, he has also poisoned Pierre Marant.

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