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Which Pop Star would you love to see guest star on House of Anubis?

The poll was created at 18:35 on December 10, 2015, and so far 13 people voted.

Poll will be changed on Friday, December 18th.

Previous Winners:

1) Who's your favorite actor/actress? - Ana Mulvoy Ten

2) What's your favorite minor pairing? - Pason

3) Who's your favorite bad guy/girl? - Rufus Zeno

4) If House of Anubis ever had a crossover with another presently-airing live action Nickelodeon show, which would it be? - Victorious

5) Who is your favorite main character? - Amber Millington

6) What's the quality of this wiki? - Excellent

7) What did you think of the HOA Season 2 promo? - Excellent

8) Which is better: Fabina or Jabian? - Fabina

9) What was your favorite episode of season 1? - House of Hush / House of Spies / House of Sting / House of Never / House of Forever

10) What do you want to see more of in season 2? - All of the above (meaning "More friendship interaction," More relationship interaction," "More drama," "More mystery," and "More jokes")

11) What do you think of Joy? - I hope she has more appearances in season 2!

12) Which is the best version? - I've only seen two out of the three.

13) True or False: Joy and Nina share the same birthday and are born at the same exact time. - False (the correct answer)

14) Do you think there would be more plot twists and secrets to come? - Of course!

15) Which is better: My Babysitter's a Vampire or House of Anubis? - House of Anubis

16) Should NeneG have lost her rights? - Yes

17) Are you excited for season 2? - YES, so excited!

18) How do you feel about Eddie right now? - I think I'll like him.

19) How do you feel about Patricia having a twin sister (Piper)? - I think it's cool how the writers put her in.

20) What did you think of the season finale? - I loved it!

21) Are you suffering LOAS? - Definitely!

22) How do you feel about all the new season 3 rumors/news? (Nathalia leaving, Miranda Cosgrove joining, etc.) - It's getting annoying. I feel people are just making things up now to cause a big fight.

23) What do you think about all the new changes happening to the show (characters leaving, new characters joining, etc.)? - I like some of the changes, but others I don't like as much.

24) Who do you think would be a better character: Willow or KT? - Neither

25) What is your favorite friendship pair? (only vote for it if you don't ship it romantically) - Mickbian

26) Which season did you like better? - Season 2

27) How much do you want season 3? - I want it now.

28) Who's your favorite main character? - Fabian Rutter

29) Which character would most likely survive The Hunger Games? - Patricia Williamson

30) Which character do you think was the most excited for Halloween? - Alfie Lewis

31) Which food pairing is your OTP? - Eddie/Pancakes

32) Who's your favorite Sibuna member? - Patricia Williamson

33) Who's your favorite teacher? - Jason Winkler

34) Which was the worst curse? - Amber aging

35) Which pairing had the best kisses? - Peddie

36) What's your favorite pairing? - Peddie

37) What is your favorite season 2 episode? - House of Missions / House of Captives / House of the Chosen / House of Freedom

38) Who would you want as your best friend? - Fabian Rutter

39) What's your favorite ship with Victor? - Victor/Corbierre

40) Who's your favorite season 3 character? - Patricia Williamson

41) What's your favorite friendship trio? - Nina/Fabian/Amber

42) If you had to choose, which actor/actress would you most like to meet? - Burkely Duffield / Jade Ramsey (tie)

43) Who's most likely to give a graduation speech? - Fabian Rutter

44) Who is the king of Anubis House? - Eddie Miller

45) Who is the queen of Anubis House? - Patricia Williamson

46) Which pairings should be featured? - Peddie, Fabina, Patrome, Willome, and Palfie

47) What's your favorite main pairing? - Peddie

48) Who had the best distraction when trying to stall the teachers before the eclipse? - Fabian stealing Corbierre from Victor

49) Which main character would it be the most fun to portray? - Patricia Williamson

50) Who's your favorite main villain? - Robert Frobisher-Smythe

51) Who was your favorite of the five sinners? - Patricia Williamson

52) Who was your favorite new character? - Willow Jenks

53) Which was the best season? - Season 2

54) Have you watched Het Huis Anubis or Das Haus Anubis? - Neither

55) Who was your favorite pet? - Victor and Trudy (the hedgehogs)

56) KT or Willow: Who was the better newcomer? - Willow Jenks

57) Who's the best girl for Jerome? - Joy Mercer (See Jeroy)

58) Who's the best girl for Fabian? - Mara Jaffray (See Mabian)

59) Who's the best girl for Alfie? - Willow Jenks (See Walfie)

60) Who's the best girl for Eddie? - Patricia Williamson (see Peddie)

61) Who's the best girl for Mick? - Amber Millington (See Mickber)

62) Who's the best guy for Joy? - Jerome Clarke (See Jeroy)

63) Who's the best guy for Mara? - Fabian Rutter (See Mabian)

64) Who's the best guy for Patricia? - Eddie Miller (See Peddie)

65) Who's the best guy for Willow? - Alfie Lewis (See Walfie)

66) Who's the best guy for Nina? - Fabian Rutter (See Fabina)

67) Who's the best guy for KT? - Fabian Rutter (See Kabian)

68) Who's the best guy for Amber? - Alfie Lewis (See Amfie)

69) Who was your favorite new student in The Touchstone of Ra? - Dexter Lloyd

70) What was your favorite "task to the mask" task in Season 2? - Chasm/Pendulum Task

71) Who did you miss the most in Season 3? - Amber Millington

72) Do you want a Season 4? - Yes!

73) Who's your favorite minor character? - Jason Winkler

74) Would you rather be the Chosen One or Osirian? - The Chosen One

75) Which non-canon pairing should have been made canon?- Pason and Jerina (tie)

76) Which character would most likely one day take over the world? - Jerome Clarke

77) Which member of the cast once had a near-death experience while sky diving? - Jade Ramsey (Answer:Jade Ramsey)

78) Which minor/secondary character should have had more screen time? - Jason Winkler

79) Which character would have made the best super-villain? - Patricia Williamson

80) What is the first thing you'd do if you woke up and were in the show? - Squee

81) Which villain/villain group would win in a fight? - The Sibuna Sinners

82) Which sin would you most likely have been made a sinner for? -Pride and Sloth (tie)

83) Where is Jason? - Dead...

84) What job would Nina most likely have as an adult? - Writer/Playwright

85) What job would Fabian most likely have as an adult? - King

86) What job would Amber most likely have as an adult? - Fashion Designer

87) What job would Patricia most likely have as an adult? - Revolutionary Leader

88) What job would Alfie most likely have as an adult? - Magician

89) What job would Jerome most likely have as an adult? - Ruler Of The World

90) What job would Mick most likely have as an adult? - Professional Athlete

91) What job would Mara most likely have as an adult? - Head Of Being Oblivious To The Obvious

92) What job would Joy most likely have as an adult? - Actress

93) What job would Eddie most likely have as an adult? - Other (Other answers:Ghost Hunter, Police Officer, U.S. President, Band Manager, Army General, Super Hero)

94) What job would Willow most likely have as an adult? - Fairy Queen

95) What job would KT most likely have as an adult? - Sleeping in a tank like her great grandfather

96) What part of the Dutch version do you think should have been in the English/American version? - All of the above (Mara being the chosen one, the overreaching plot, Wolf/Raven, Fabian "dying", Mick and Joy dating, Mick's sister plot, and Noa)

97) Which season had the best plot?- They were all equal

98) If Nina wasn't the Chosen One, who should it have been?- Patricia

99) If Eddie wasn't the Osirian, who should it have been? -Fabian

100) What is the quality of this wiki? - Excellent

101) Who is the best room-mate? - Nina

102) If there were a House of Anubis spin-off/prequel/sequel/etc., what would you most want it to be? Everything that happened before Nina arrived

103) What was your favorite part of the show? - Everything (The Mystery, The Romance, The Characters, The Friendships)

104) Which crack pairing is the best? - KT x Tree Stump

105) Which same sex pairing is best?- Patrina

106) Which main character had the best character development? - Alfie Lewis

107) Which main character had the best lines? - Patricia Williamson

108) Which season had the best plot? - Season 1

109) Which trio is the best? - Nina, Fabian and Amber

110) Which character is most relatable?- Patricia Williamson

111) Which romantic pairing should have been developed further?- All Of Them

112) Who was the best sinner? - Fabian Rutter

113) Which season had the best romances? - Season 1 and Season 2 (tie)

114) Which friendship needed more development? - All of them

115) What did you think of the Sinner plot in Season 3? - I loved it! and It needed work." (tie)

116) Favorite Fan-Theory? - Season Three as a Different Universe and Fabian Not Having Parents (tie)

117) Favorite Egyptian artifact? -The Cup of Ankh

118) Which character needed development the most? - Patricia Williamson

119) Which villain was the scariest? - Senkhara

120) Best main Sibuna member? - Patricia Williamson

121) Is this Wiki "Christmas-y" enough? - Totally!

122) Most shocking twist? - Joy in the Audience

123) Favorite clue to the Cup? (Shortened for simplicity) - “Tears of glass” and “Ket is the place you must look behind”

124) Funniest season? - Season 3

125) Would you rather Would you rather lose your soul to Ammut, or spend a year with Rufus? - Chill with Rufus

126) What part of season 2 should have been in season 3? - Joy and Jerome in Sibuna.

127) Do you think there's still a chance that the show might come back? - Yes!

128) Best Anubis mystery? - Where's Joy?!

129) Which couple had the best kiss/kisses? - Peddie

130) Which season had the best finale? - Season 1

131) Best premier? - Season 2

132) Season 4, A Spin Off, Or A Reunion Movie? - Reunion Movie

133) How do you think the wiki is doing? - Not so hot...

134) Whose life would you rather live? - Amber's...

135) Which character performance would you nominate for a GRAMMY award? - Alfie and Fabian's Trutor Tribute

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