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Walter Crommelin
General Information
Gender: Male
Birthday: August 19, 1948
Age: 65
Birthplace: The Netherlands
Nationality: Dutch
Series Information
Character: Victor Emanuel Rodenmaar Jr.

Walter Crommelin is a Dutch actor who portrayed Victor Emanuel Rodenmaar Jr. in Het Huis Anubis, the original House of Anubis and the original Victor, respectively.

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Crommelin comes from an artistic family. His grandmother was a concert pianist. He began learning piano when he was seven. He studied at the Sweelinck conservatory in Amsterdam. At eight years of age het appeared in a student concert in the small hall of the Concertgebouw. Further studies led it at the conservatory to Geneva where he received 1975 a premier Prix with honor for its interpretation of works of Béla Bartók, César Franck and Sergei Prokofjew. Crommelin appeared then also some years as a pianist before it changed to the acting. Crommelin became as an actor above all through its rolls into different child film and child series well known. played 1997 in the youth film Mijn fringe aunt gauze Usa the role of the Vader Tekelenburg. In the family film Otje, a filming of the novel of Annie M. G. Schmidt, embodied it 1998 the roll of the doctor Spijker. He attained special familiarity also through its roll as a butler Hopjes in the Comedyserie tone what geluk heel gewoon. In the Dutch Comedyserie Loenatik, a series over the inmates of a psychiatric clinic, he played the role of the director Bomhoff that is busied continually with computer game. Since 2006 it has played the house Anubis in the Dutch version of the TV series the series roll of the sly and insidious overseer Victor Emanuel Rodenmaar. Crommelin works also as a speaker for radio play (mayor thick cover in army Bommel) and in advertisements. Crommelin lives in Haarlem.



Year Show Role
1981-1982 De lachende Scheerkwast Bert van Zutphen
1984 Opzoek naar Yolanda Bert van Zutphen
1986 Plafond over de vloer C. van Benthem
1989 Beppie Kees
1991 In voor - en tagenspoed Markprijzen
1992 12 steden, 13 ongelukken Ton
1994 Kats & Co De moordenaar geeft een feest
1989-1994 We zijn weer thuis Gerald Smulders
1994 Seth & Fiona Een Kwestie van goed mikken
1998 Flodder Henri
1998 Otje De docter
2000 Wildschut & De Vries Fritis Majoor
2000 Baantjer Rupert Barendrecht
2000 Loenatik Directeur Bomhoff
2002 Serious Cromes Golfer
2002 Schiet mij maar lek Incesttherapeut
2004 Ibbeltje Braakensiek
2006 Evelien Herbert-Jan
2007 Shouf shouf! Prof. Mortier
2005-2008 Keyzer & de Boer advocaten Prosecutor
2006-2009 Het Huis Anubis Victor Emanuel Rodenmaar Jr.
1995-2009 Toen was geluk heel gewoon Butler Hopjes


Year Movie Role
1980 De dans der vierkanten waarin opgenomen Elly, of het beroemde stuk Spreker
1986 Blindeman Chef
1987 Nitwits Reclamejongen
1988 De bruine jurk Ober
1990 De gulle Minnaar Television Director
1991 Mevrouw Ten Kate en het beest in de mens Meneer De Bom
1995 Filmpje! Karel Haanstra
1996 The Dress Organist
1996 Mijn franse tante Gazeuse Vader Tekelenburg
2002 Loonies Bomhoff
2004 Love Trao Klaas-Jan de Bonfrère
2004 Ellis in Glamourland Chaffeur Meindert Jan
2008 Het Huis Anubis En Het Pad Der Zeven Zonden Victor Emanuel Rodenmaar Jr.
2011 Zieleman Dokter Huisman
2014 Toen was geluk heel gewoon: De film (filming)
2014 Loenatik, te gek! (filming) Bomhoff


Year Shorts Role
1984 Het wonder van Rotterdam
1997 Hot Dogs Bruno
2004 Lost Boer

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