What are pairing societies, you ask? More information of where the idea comes from can be found on this blog. Basically, it's where the shippers can express their love of their ship.

Zara and I discussed this topic a bit more and we've come to the conclusion that we will make these Pairing Society pages, which is quite similar to what the Glee Wiki calls Pairing Team pages. A good example of their team page would be this. Because we're another wiki and directly taking other people's ideas is illegal (I think), we made a layout that's a bit different from theirs. Zara and I were working on a test page which can be seen here. Editing is not allowed for the page by regular users, as we were just testing out certain things and it's not for people to add onto. When we get the real society pages, they'll look similar to that, but 10x nicer after we add coloring and templates to it.

Now, we can't do this with every pairing. In order to get a page like this for your favorite pairings, just comment below! BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! You can't just simply comment below saying "Fabina, Peddie, blahblahblah." The thing is, you have to describe the pairing a bit. Describe why you like it. Why there should be another page representing this pairing. I know it sounds like a hassle, but it's better than having 100 pages on pairings people barely like. And also, there needs to be a minimum of 10 people who vote for the pairing to have a page. Although, I might be a bit flexible when it comes to minor pairings (like Moy, for example) because not as many people may ship it because it's not canon, but there are some pretty dedicated shippers. So I would say 10 for major pairings (like Fabina) and 8 for minor pairings (like Moy). If you're unsure whether the pairing you're voting for is major or minor, go to that page and it will have the category "Major Pairing" or "Minor Pairing".

Please follow ALL these steps or your vote won't count!

You can vote for as many ships as you want, as long as other people agree with you and you really want a page for them.

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