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Joy Mercer
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Jerome Clarke
Victor the Hedgehog

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In the woods by Willow

Trudy (Hedgehog) is Willow's second pet hedgehog that Joy got Jerome to find for her after she thought she thought Mara threw away Victor, Willow's other hedgehog. She was meant to be a replacement of Victor so Willow never finds out that the true Victor was gone.


Trudy (the hedgehog) is the cause of the fleas in Anubis House (as well as Victor the hedgehog) which causes some of the Anubis students that weren't members of Sibuna to leave school so they don't spread. These students were: Jerome, Willow, Mara and Joy. They were all forced to be on lock down for health and safety reasons.

Victor (The Hedgehog)

When Willow gets Trudy the hedgehog she thought it was Victor the hedgehog that Mara had borrowed for a school project. Then she finds the real Victor but thinks its another hedgehog who she names Trudy. Later Willow found out that Victor and Trudy- the hedgehogs- had caused the fleas because she had let them be her pets and she felt incredibly guilty. Willow eventually decided to set both of the hedgehogs free back into the wild. Trudy got annoyed with Willow over this, but soon calmed down.

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