Treasures of Egypt poster

The Treasures of Egypt Exhibition is a traveling exhibit with Egyptian artifacts from the British Museum.


After receiving a mysterious anonymous tip off, which later turned out to be from RufusVictor asked Mr. Sweet to contact his friend, Gustav Ziestack, to attempt to have the Exhibition held at the school. Victor asked a team of students to clean up the Frobisher Library and work tirelessly to win the bid for the Exhibition. After a lot of hard work, the school won the bid and Jasper Choudhary- who is also Fabian's godfather- was hired as the curator. Trudy left her position as house-mother at Anubis House to work for Jasper as the assistant curator. The Exhibition played an extremely important role in season 2.

In House of Heists / House of Alibis, Vera steals an ox bell from the Exhibition in an attempt to get Sibuna to complete the Song of Hathor task and have them get caught with it and get them out of the way. She planted it on Fabian only for the plan to backfire and have Sibuna secretly return the bell by Patricia after completing the task..

In the Season 2 finale, it was revealed that the bronze replica Mask of Anubis that was created by Sarah's mother in the Exhibition was the true Mask all along. When the Frobisher Gem is placed on it, it turns gold and is returned to it's former glory. In the Season 2 Finale, the Exhibition's stay at the Frobisher Library was over and it was packing up to move on to a new destination. The only artifact that the Exhibition lost was the Crown of the Unknown Ruler, which was destroyed by Eddie when he banished Senkhara - who was the Unknown Ruler.


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