The Tunnels
Dead end33


The Antechamber Book Shelve

Other Entry Ways

The Crypt, The Frobisher Library


The Fake Mask Of Anubis

The Tunnels are underground passages that run under the whole of the Anubis Estate. At the end of the tunnels, the Mask of Anubis was believed to lie, but it was revealed that it was a fake.


Sibuna discovered an entrance in the celler entering an antichamber by entering 1895 in a victorian coad to open a shelf leading into the Frobisher Smythe study. by pulling a book with the sign of an Ibis in one of the bookshelves in this study leads to the first tunnel (The chamber of Thoth).

The Tunnels

The Chamber Of Thoth

This chamber has three tasks:

The Beacon, The Robert Frobisher Smythe anagram and The cube/pyramid.

Thoth was an Egyptian God, Half man and Half Ibis.

The Chamber Of Sobek

This chamber has four tasks:

The hopscotch test, the bridge, the pendulum task and the tunnel.

Sobek was an Egyptian God, Half man and Half Crocodile

The Chamber Of Neith

This chamber has only one task:

The Spideweb Task

Neith was an Egyptian Godness

The Chamber Of Sekhmet

This chamber has only one task:

The Alchemy Task

Sekhmet was an Egyptian Lioness Godness

The Chamber of Hathor

This chamber has only one task:

The Horn Task

Hathor was an Egyptian Godness

The Chamber Of Horus

This chamber has only one task:

The reflector test

Horus was an Egyptian god

The Chamber Of Anubis 

This chamber is the last chamber of the tunnels

Passage to the Library

Almost at the end of the tunnels in the reflector task room, there is a spot on the wall where the Ibis amulet goes, the wall opens and reveals a passage. At the end of the passage the is a small grate that is attached to a book shelve. There is a button inside the tunnels that makes the book shelve swing open revealing The Frobisher Library. There is a button on the outside of the book shelf as well.

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