The Staff Of Osiris

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Summer House
Anubis House


A portal for Ammut to get to the world

The Staff of Osiris is, like the Mask of Anubis and the Cup of Ankh, a mystical Egyptian object. It has dangerous powers, since Harriet was shocked when she found a scroll with a picture of it and said it was 'far too dangerous and risky' to use it.

The Staff of Osiris is Ammut's portal into the world. Robert had asked his expedition party (Alfie, Jerome, Patricia, and Joy's grandparents) to split the Staff in four pieces and to hide each piece in places an evil Robert can never find. In his secret room, Robert left a recording telling of its dangerous powers.

However, Evil Robert made Patricia break the phonograph. This would buy him time to make a new recording saying the Staff was essential in stopping Ammut. Because of the false knowledge, Sibuna found the pieces to the Staff and put it back together to "stop" Ammut. KT and Eddie accidentally helped to release Ammut, due to the fact they've been mistaken. 

The only way to contain Ammut was the use of the Sun and Moon Keys. At the base of the Staff, there is a locking mechanism. If one were to use the key on it, Ammut would be sent back, taking with her all the evil that she brought. KT and Eddie succeeded in doing so. The Staff of Osiris was destroyed in the process.

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