Welcome to our community's leaderboard!Join the Sibuna Club 2015

Are you a massive fan of the show? Think you got what it takes to make it to our wikia's official leaderboard? It's your time to shine!

Leaderboard 2015

In order to get on the list of leaders, you must compete weekly challenges. Once you win a monthly contest, you get on the leaderboard and become a candidate to be chosen as wikia's user of the year.

What are weekly challenges?

A weekly challenge is once a week updated mission that members of our online community can get involved with. Each user who confirms his participation in the running to make it to the wikia's leaderboard, has to accomplish a weekly challenge. Certain people from the wikia review their result and if everything satisfies the requirements, the user who accomplished the challenge receives 10 points.

In the end of the month, a user who collects a biggest amount of points (for ex. 40 points), wins the monthly race and gets added to wikia's leaderboard.

Where can I find the weekly challenges?

Each user who confirms their participation, receives a message from SibunaSeason34, being informed about a new weekly challenge being posted. All of the weekly challenges will be written down on the bottom of this page.

How do I participate?

If you want to participate in the competition to get on the wikia's leaderboard, just leave a comment below, with a sentence "I, your name, want to participate in the running to get on the House of Anubis wikia's official leaderboard."

When you receive a reply on your comment from the competition's publisher (SibunaSeason34), you are officialy confirmed to be taking part in the leaderboard competition.

This competition will start when at least 3 or more people are confirmed to be taking part in the competition. If you have any questions (I'm pretty sure you do), don't be afraid to leave a comment below! :)

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