The Mysteries of Anubis is the play written by Nina Martin, with the help of Amber Millington, and performed by the students of Anubis House in Season 1. It was directed by Jason Winkler, the drama teacher.


  • Amber was the person who came up with an idea for the play, after Jason suggested the play to be about ancient Egypt.
  • Joy is in the audience and Patricia spots her.
  • Fabian acts as Victor, Trudy notices this.
  • Mick kisses Mara in the play, which was written on the script. However, when the curtains close, they keep kissing, which wasn't written.
  • Nina plays Sarah Frobisher-Smythe. However Nina renamed the character as "Sally" so Victor wouldn't suspect.
  • This play is based off the mysteries Sibuna had been finding out about during the time Nina wrote this play, and also on Sarah's early life.


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