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Mara on the job.

The Jackal is the online school newspaper created and thought of by Mrs. Andrews. The website was only in Season 2 and did not come up in Season 3, probably because its creator, Mrs Andrews, had resigned. In House of Sibuna / House of PaybackMaraJoy, and Patricia all signed up. Patricia was signed up by Joy, who had heard about it from Mrs. Andrews and wanted to add gossip to the site. Eddie was also in the group as his punishment for an earlier prank--giving everyone chocolate-covered snails that Patricia had given to him as revenge. 

Mrs. Andrews first made Mara the editor. She then asked Mara to write an article for the Jackal about Vera's past. After Mara posted the article about Vera, she was expelled because Vera proved that the article was lying (even though it was actually telling the truth), but Mr. Sweet quickly revoked the expulsion. Joy was made editor of the Jackal in her place, and Mara was no longer allowed to write articles under her own name, instead writing under the name Jack Jackal. After Eddie and Jerome both vouched for her, Mr. Sweet allowed Mara to write for the website under her own name again.

The Jackal was later almost shut down because of Joy's harsh article about Nina, which she wrote under Mara's alias Jack Jackal. Joy pretended to be Jack Jackal because she couldn't write the article with under her own name; otherwise, she would have gotten into trouble. Eddie and Mara were writing an article about Senkhara, but Sibuna intervened and Fabian persuaded Joy not to post it. Mara also wrote an article based on Eddie and Jerome's relationships with their fathers.

The Jackal later came in third in a contest against other school news sites that Joy had entered for them. There was also a best school blogger competition, in which Mara ended up winning first place. 

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