The Crypt


In the tunnels & One above ground

Original Uses

The final resting place of Robert Frobisher-Smythe

The Crypt is a location in House of Anubis, first seen in Season 3. The only way to get in is with the Sun and Moon Key. You can either get in from an outside door or a secret door in the tunnels beneath Anubis House.

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How It Was Found

While Eddie went through the bookcase in Frobisher's Antechamber and crawled through the tunnels, he found a secret passageway to the Crypt, but he was unable to get through the first time as he didn't have a Sun or Moon key, which you need to get through.


  • Eddie, KT and Fabian were locked in as they had to protect Frobisher in the tank, which they stole from the Gatehouse from the tank room.
  • When Sibuna kidnapped Frobisher in the tank, they hid him here.
  • DenbyVictor and Mr. Sweet were trying to get in there.
  • Robert and Denby had a plan to act heartbroken that Robert passed away. In the trick, Sibuna found Robert  laying in the grave of his, playing dead, which was in the crypt.
  • Eddie was locked inside the crypt when Frobisher attempted to make him a sinner.
  • One of the part for building the Staff of Osiris was hidden there.
  • In The Touchstone of Ra, Sophia tried to possess Eddie but realised she couldn't because he was the Osirian.
  • In The Touchstone of Ra, Sophia locked Dexter and Eddie in there.


When Robert Frobisher-Smythe knew he might wake up evil, he instructed his expedition party to hide the four pieces of the Staff of Osiris. Joy and Willow's descendant hid one of the pieces in the crypt.

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