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House Of Anubis Season 2

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The Amulets are protection to the light behind the bookcase from being blinded for a day. Amulets were used as protection for many things in the Egyptian World.

There is an Ibis, Spider, Camel, Lion, Falcon, Crocodile and the never before seen Snake (never found), one for each amulet. They were probably made by Robert Frobisher-Smythe to protect anyone who enters the passage if they are clever enough to figure it out. In order to pass the Beacon at the beginning of the tunnels without being blinded, you had to wear an amulet. Also, to pass through another tunnel next to the 6th task, you have to put the correct amulet (Ibis) into the wall.

There was also a fake Ibis amulet made by one of Victor's friends, and was switched out with the real Ibis amulet. When she lost her own, Patricia took this one and got blinded by the tunnel.

Owners of the Amulets


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