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Patricia, Joy, Nina, Amber, Alfie, Jerome and Fabian, The seven acolytes.

The Seven Acolytes is the group of students that were meant to be sacrificed to give the Secret Society their immortality using the scales of life and the Sacrificial Coins. Once someone had drunk the elixir of life from the The Cup Of Ankh, the scales would tip, and one of the acolytes would die, with their replacement receiving immortality. 

Joy would give her life to Victor.

Fabian would give his life to Eric Sweet.

Jerome would give his life to Jason Winkler.

Nina would give her life to Nurse Delia.

Alfie would give his life to Sergeant Roebuck. (He would have also died to give life to Rufus.)

Patricia would give her life to Daphne Andrews.

Amber would give her life to Frederick Mercer.


For one to become truly immortal without the aid of the Elixir, they must drink it from the Cup of Ankh. There is a price, however, and that is the life of a younger person. 


  • Alfie was the acolyte who would have died for Rufus if Fabian hadn't switched the elixir.
  • The seven acolytes are represented by the Sacrificial Coins.

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