Sacrifical Coins


To represent lives of the Seven Acolytes

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The Scales of Life

Sacrificial Coins reperesent the lives of the Seven Acolytes, and the teachers (Members of The Secret Society) they're giving life to. Each acolyte was represented with their name on one of the coins. On the opposite side of the scales, the teachers had their own coins, also marked with their names. During the ceremony, the scales of life would tip, marking the passing of the life from the young generation to the old. The Society didn't know that if they drink the elixir from the cup, the students would die to give them (the teachers) life. Rufus knew this, however. The coins were first seen in House of Drama / House of Codes when Nina is going through Victor's drawer.

(Older Generation) Teachers


(Younger Generation) Students 


  • When Rufus drank from the The Cup Of Ankh, Alfie's coin was the one that tipped, meaning if the elixir were real, Alfie would have died.
  • The coins are representive of the Seven Acolytes and the Secret Society.
  • Joy and Jerome  were the only ones who were on coins, but were not in Sibuna or the Secret Society.
  • It is unknown how the scales actually have an effect on who dies. 

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