Rufus Malpied
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 50
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Series Information
First appearance: Folge 17
Last appearance: Folge 74
Portrayer: Michael Witte
Other Versions: Rufus Malpied (Dutch)

Rufus Zeno (American)

Rufus Malpied is the man who wants to help to find Linn for Luzy. When Luzy wanted with the club and meet him, they watch as Victor is unconscious and Rufus drags him away. But later Luzy sees the school as Rufus is pushed in a wheelchair by a nurse. As she tries to call him then goes there only one woman ran claiming the phone heard Mr Schmerzfuß. Nina and Daniel tell her then that Malpied is French and means Schmerzfuß. As Luzy is waiting in the bush for him and the nurses came storming on Rufus. Luzy shows him a picture of Linn, whereupon they quarreled Luzy and the nurse during which he disappeared. But in "The secret of the tomb" Rufus shows his true colors. He takes Luzy hostage. In an unobserved moment,Luzy manages to leave an indication of their hiding place in the woods. Rufus calls, meanwhile, the secret brotherhood. He wants to replace Luzy against Linn's record, but Mr. Altrichter and Victor do not go on the deal. Victor tells Delia later that Luzy visited their relatives in Spain. After Doris Engel handed him the wallet says Rufus, he would Luzy later, maybe let free, but by then it was too late, because the club of old pasture has already freed them. On this day Rufus Malpied calls again to threaten Luzy.

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