Robbie van Swieten
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: N/A
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Family & Friends
Family: Ari van Swieten (Father)
Ellie Van Engelen (Stepmother)
Friends: Mick Zeelenberg (Bestfriend)
Joyce van Bodegraven
Sofie Rodenmaar
Relationships: Patricia Soeters (Girlfriend)
Series Information
Portrayer: Sander van Amsterdam
Other Versions: Eddie Miller (English)
Max Ludwig (German)
Robert "Robbie" van Swieten is a minor/recurring character in Het Huis Anubis. He is the mixture of the English version of Eddie Miller and Robbie. He is portrayed by Sander van Amsterdam.


Robbie Van Swieten is the boyfriend of Patricia Soeters and the son of Ari van Swieten (headmaster of the school). He is the school photografer and he works for the schoolnewspaper together with Mick Zeelenberg, Patricia Soeters, Joyce van Bodegraven and later also with Sofie Rodenmaar. In season 3 he has a bigger role. He falls in love with Patricia and sent her several letters. Patricia is therefore curious and Joyce along with all of them looking for ways to find out who he is. Later he will go out with Patricia,Patricia does not want him and he cares. When Patricia says she goes to America's then Robbie was furious, why has she not told him earlier? Later, everything will be good and go without worrying Patricia to go in America. Robbie must continue with Mick, but without Patricia and Joyce, and this is difficult.He and Mick also have difficulty with the school because there are no regular guests. If Van Swieten met Sofie comes with the announcement that they will join the new School newspaper, Robbie and Mick are not satisfied. When Mick and Sofie, the hands of the club, even Mick wasfall in love to Sophie, they can still work even further to the newspaper.He doesn't live in Anubis House and he doesn't have much to do with Sibuna. Robbie did not appear in the two Anubis shows and the first film, but in the second film, he accompanied the Anubis residents Appie's birthday in the mansion. He was the first to disappear: in The roller coaster. His cart was empty, and later (not as a pop) was seen in the haunted house. Also his camera was recovered and used to dazzle Arghus. Robbie revealed later turns into a doll and used the antidote then it was back to normal.

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