General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation(s): Student
Family & Friends
Relationships: Patricia Williamson (Crush)
Other Information
Education: Amun boarding school
Series Information
First appearance: House of Yesterday / House of Victory
Last appearance: House of Bribes / House of Venom
Portrayer: James Gandhi

Robbie was the boy who Mick and Jerome both bribed to let Mara and Amber win. He is a year younger than all of the Anubis House residents, and has a crush on Patricia. Mick uses this to his advantage, and told him that if he let Mara win, he would get him a date with Patricia. Mick also describes Robbie as corrupt, slimy and a chess geek.

Evidently, Mick had once shoved Robbie into a locker. He says that Mick also ignores him a lot. Robbie is also probably a little gullible since Mick said that if he told him who was in the lead, they'd be friends. Also, when Jerome was rude to Mick, Robbie repeats what Mick said to Jerome. He does this because he's probably trying to be cooler. Robbie also takes money and bribes because Jerome gives him money to know who's in the lead.

Robbie also gets nervous very easily. When Mara was asking him about whether he had made a deal with Mick or not, he started sweating and blushing. He then started to run off, but Mara dragged him back towards her. However, he seems much braver when Amber confronts him. He immediately shows her the papers and proves that Mara won fair-and-square.

When Mick asks Patricia if she wants to date Robbie, Patricia stares at him up and down and her face says no. Robbie then becomes nervous and runs away crying.

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  • The character of Robbie in Het Huis Anubis is more analagous to Eddie than to this version of Robbie.
  • He had a crush on Patricia, although it is unknown if he still does. He hasn't been seen or mentioned since Season 1.
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