Riguna is a club founded by Klariza Clayton and Tasie Dhanraj (Lawrence). Not much is known about this club other than that the group was first revealed on British CBBC show, Friday Download.

Riguna Sign

The Riguna sign is similar to the Sibuna sign. The Sibuna sign is your right hand going over your right eye. The Riguna sign is the either hand going over one of your eyes sideways.


Only people who are not part of Sibuna can be members of the Riguna club.


  • Klariza & Tasie created the club because their characters weren't a part of the Sibuna club.
  • In The Touchstone of Ra, when Mara was trying to do the Sibuna sign, she actually does a sign exactly the same as that of Riguna. Riguna's gesture may have inspired this sign.

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