The Zodiac Of Horus

Each of the reflectors have a falcon symbol in the middle of them. When the objects are lit in a specific position, they make a constellation of Horus's symbol--the bird. The constellation opens to the 'final chamber,' which would lead to the Mask Of Anubis

One wall in the tunnels had a 'zodiac,' which would help one to find the reflectors; however, it was only half full. A page in The Book of Isis had the full zodiac. This helped both Sibuna and Victor find the reflectors.  

List Of Reflectors & where to find them 

  • The sun shard in Vera's Room/Attic.
  • The mirror in Sarah's music box in Nina and Amber's Room.
  • Doll's Eye (Part of Face) which was stored in the attic.
  • Cup/Goblet in the kitchen cabinet.
  • Victor's pocket watch in Victor's Office. 
  • Mosaic Of Osiris, originally in the hallway of Anubis House, but moved to the Frobisher-Smythe Library.


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