Raphael Salamons
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue/Brown
Address: Anubis House
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Raf by Sterre and Anastacia
Family & Friends
Family: Father
Mother (Deceased)
Friends: Sterre de Wit
Anastacia van Emeryck-Reehorst
Pim Versteeg
Marcel Keizer
Relationships: Sterre de Wit (Girlfriend)
Other Information
Interests: Music
Education: Unamed boarding School
Series Information
First appearance: Het Huis Anubis & The Five of the Magical Sword Episode 1
Last appearance: Het Huis Anubis & The Five of the Magical Sword Episode 175 (finale)
Portrayer: Roel Dirven
Raphael "Raf" Salamons is one of the main characters in Het Huis Anubis En De Vijf Van Het Magische Zwaard.He has a sense in hearing. He is portrayed by Roel Dirven.


Raphael's sense is hearing. To surpress it, he wears a headphone. When his mother died, Raphael traveled all over the world with his father, who is a trumpeter. He grew up with music, and is very mature for his age. He is extremely good at playing the piano, but is only allowed to play classical music. His father believes that modern music like pop will ruin Raphael's sensitive ears. He fancies Sterre, but when he hears about her and Pim always being together, he becomes unsure about his feelings for her.

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