The Pyramid Of Ra
Pyramid Of Ra


To rain down the gold of Ra

Sibuna's Interest

Requires a sacrifice


Hidden on the Anubis Estate

The Pyramid of Ra is an artifact founded in the Season 3 movie, The Touchstone of Ra. The Touchstone of Ra is one of the pieces to make the pyramid. The Touchstone is founded by Robert Frobisher-Smythe. If The Pyramid is built, a human sacrifice is required and if the person fails, Ra will pour down his anger and destroy the world. Whoever touched the Touchstone will turn into stone. At the end of the movie it is shown that the Pyramid of Ra finally gets a sacrifice by the Osirion (Eddie Sweet) which is learnt from Victor Rodenmaan Jr "That the Osirion will sacrifice his life so yet the world may be spared once more" Eddie loses his powers however he is still alive and the touchstone (top bit of the pyramid) is kept hidden with Victor.

Visit the Pyramid of Ra Gallery.

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