Philip Lewis
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Family & Friends
Family: Marsha Lewis (wife)

Alfie Lewis (son)

Series Information
Portrayer: Cyril Nri
Philip Lewis is the father of Alfie Lewis and the husband of Marsha Lewis. He was very strict with Alfie and wanted him to become something important in life. Philip evidently works in a board room because he told Alfie that he would use an idea in the board room. Jerome told Philip that he had unstoppable ambition. Philip also seems to like manners because he got mad at Alfie for flicking a pea at Jerome.

In order to impress him, Alfie told his father that he was head of house and Philip believed him. Philip also said that he would have enjoyed the play more if his son had more scenes in it. He also told Alfie that he could be so much more than just the back end of a camel even though Alfie was the front end. Philip also said that he liked the idea of Alfie's eating privileges. Philip seemed to take a liking into Jerome because Jerome was trying to make Alfie look like an idiot in front of his parents. He also asked Jerome how he didn't become the Head of House and Jerome told him that he decided not to take it. Philip also told Jerome that he was very perceptive and smart and that he could become an apprentice for his work force.

Philip Lewis is portrayed by Cyril Nri.

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