Patricia Soeters
General Information
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Brown
Aliases: Patries (by Fabian Ruitenburg, Mara Sabri, Amber Rozenberg, Joyce van Bodegraven and herself)
Peet (by Joyce van Bodegraven)
Peetje (by Joyce van Bodegraven)
Family & Friends
Family: Samiera Soeters (Aunt)
Friends: Joyce van Bodegraven (best friends)
Nienke Martens
Amber Rozenberg
Fabian Ruitenburg(Close friends)
Appie Tayibi
Mara Sabri (Close friends)
Mick Zeelenberg
Relationships: Robbie Van Swieten(boyfriend)
Series Information
Portrayer: Vreneli van Helbergen
Other Versions: Patricia Williamson(American/British)
Luzy Schoppa(German)
Patricia Soeters  is one of the main characters of Het Huis Anubis and the original Dutch version of Luzy Schoppa and Patricia Williamson. She is portrayed by Vreneli van Helbergen.

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Patricia is a tough and blustering girl. No one messes with Patricia. She thought that Nienke had kidnapped her best friend, (Joyce), due to her arriving at the same time Joyce was taken away, but later she becomes friends with Nienke and even joins Sibuna. Everyone notices her, because she changes her outer appearance daily. She's very vibrant and gives color to life. She has had a tough childhood which is shown multiple times throughout the show. While she first appears abrasive, she is very nice once you're friends with her. Patricia was very happy when her best friend, Joyce returned to the school. She's dating Robbie; The son of Ari Von Swieten (Eric Sweet). Mara was her first roommate, but she moved back up in the attic when Joyce returned. She then shared her room with Joyce. Until Victor Sr changed the room order. She is currently sharing her room with Nienke. She was kidnapped by rufus but escaped. She betrayed the Sibuna gang but also helped Sibuna by getting the Tear of Isis out of Victor's hands.



Joyce van Bodegraven

(2006-present; Best Friends)

Patricia and Joyce were best friends since then.She was worried when Joyce dissapeared.She accused Nienke of Joyce dissapearance but learns that she has nothing to do with it and became friends.And even a member of Sibuna.When Joyce comes back from season 2,they spend much time together.They left together to take the scholarship in America in season 3.(See Joycetricia)

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