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Warning: Some fanfictions may contain sexual content. Read at your own risk.

  • Neddie Challenge by TanYa. LuvS. UniCoRns - Summary: Well this is sort of a challenge I made, and it's Neddie so please no hating and look inside for more information. Rated K; Unfinished
  • I Was Nothing Without Her by BTRandHoA - Summmary: Fabian broke up with Nina, and Eddie comes for comfort. A little OOC on Fabian's part, but overall a good story. R&R please! Rated K; Finished
  • Carrots by umi4ever - Summary: After the part, Nina finds Eddie concussed in the living room, not really himself. Let's see what happens. Oneshot. Implied Peddie. Based of an RP with my friend. I was Eddie, she was Nina.
  • Perform and Swim by SibunaBook - Summary: Nina and Eddie left back for america. They used to contact them every day. Now they don't. They visit Eddie to find more about his life now. Rated K; Unfinished
  • Anubis Sibuna Backwards by TippyFan900 - Summary: Takes place after the Season 1 finale. The story of the alliance between the society members and their plan to destroy Sibuna. Three evil parents with three evil kids will definitely stir things up in Anubis House. No one can be trusted. Rated K; Unfinished 

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