Mr. Millington
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Grey
Family & Friends
Family: Amber Millington (daughter)
Relationships: Mrs. Millington (wife)
Series Information
First appearance: House of Pi / House of Mistrust
Last appearance: House of Trickery / House of Unity
Mr. Millington is Amber's dad. He has very high expectations for his daughter. Mr. Millington is a very rich man, and he's very aware he has the money and power to do what he wants.

Although he is heard talking to Amber on the phone, he didn't make his first appearance until he visited the school first in House of Pi / House of Mistrust to judge the business studies competition. At the time, Amber was stuck in the tank room in the gatehouse. He was very worried about Amber as he had not seen her at all since he arrived. The Sibuna gang lied and told him that she was sick and could not attend the beginning of the competition.

After not hearing from Amber in so long, he continuously asks why she has not shown up yet. Amber is soon rescued from the tank room and must tell the adults exactly what she was doing and where the parcel was. Mr. Millington does not think Amber belongs in a school where these sort of things happen. Amber revealed her father always wanted her to become a pharmacist (although Amber didn't seem to know what a pharmacist actually was). Throughout season 3, Amber was getting calls from a fashion school in New York, where she was deciding if she would leave her current boarding school and go to. Mr. Millington decided that it was best for her to leave this school and go to America. Amber said goodbye to her friends and left the school, obeying her father's order.

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