Miss Valentine
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation(s): Teacher
Other Information
Education: French
Series Information
First appearance: House of Silence / House of Warnings
Last appearance: House of Missions / House of Captives / House of the Chosen / House of Freedom
Portrayer: Sarah Paul
Miss Valentine is the new French teacher who replaced Mrs. Andrews after she left the school. Mick, in Australia, told Miss Valentine about Anubis House and the school, and that is how she got her job. Nothing much is known about her. In House of Status / House of Laments, she tells Mara that Mick can't wait to introduce his girl from Australia but it was actually Mick couldn't wait to introduce his girl to Australia. She didn't appear at all in Season 3, and, since The Touchstone of Ra may be the series finale, it is possible that she will never return at all.

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259px-Valentine 01

Miss Valentine shares some advice with Joy. This isn't good for Fabina.


Mick Campbell

(2012; Student)

In Australia, she had worked as Mick's teacher and would seem to have been good friends. She said Mick told her all about them.

Joy Mercer

(2012; Student)

She was worried when she saw Joy look upset in class. She then asks her what the problem is and tells her to find the root of her problem and pull it out.

Mara Jaffray

(2012; Student)

Miss Valentine tells Mara that she knows Mick because she was his teacher in Australia. She tells her that Mick can't wait to introduce his girl from Australia, causing Mara to pretend to date Jerome to make Mick jealous. What Miss Valentine really meant was that Mick can't wait to introduce his girl to Australia.


  • She is the only non-British teacher at the school.
  • She is the only Australian in the show.
  • She was a teacher at Mick's new school.
  • She thinks the students in the school have a lot of talent (she thinks the school could have a school orchestra because of that).
  • She and Ms. Robinson are the only teachers to have never had anything to do with the secrets.
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