Matthijs van Den Berg
Matthijs van den Berg
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Black
Family & Friends
Family: Jakob Van Den Berg (father)
Rosa van Den Berg (mother)
Friends: Nienke Martens (close friend)
Series Information
First appearance: Het Huis Anubis Seizoen 3 Aflevering 311
Last appearance: Het Huis Anubis Seizoen 4 Aflevering 404
Portrayer: David-Jan Bronsgeest
Other Versions: Vincent Trabas (German)
Matthijs van Den Berg is the son of Jakob Van Den Berg, the doctor who kidnapped Noa and Fabian. He is portrayed by David-Jan Bronsgeest. He is very close friend to Nienke and comforts her when Fabian "dies".

He is protrayed by David-Jan Bronsgeest.

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Matthijs was in the hospital next to Fabian.He had a broken leg. He never had friends and Nienke was his very first in his life. Matthijs has already been through some terrible things in the past, including the tomb of Achesenamon where he last saw his mother. His mother (Rosa) is ill and can only be cured with Teardrop of Isis.And the doctor,who hid Fabian, is the father of Matthijs. He went in the boarding school to poison Noa. He belongs to the Alliance of Anchesenamon. His job and for his father, to murder of the last descendant of Amneris,which is indeed, Noa. If he does not fulfill this task, then his father (doctor) and he will be cursed forever (eternal life, and he lived for 218 years) and will have the Golden Cobra Mark. His motherwas petrified for 200 years, so if Sibuna won't give Noa the Teardrop of Isis, Matthijs' mother will be forever lost. Matthijs want them, just like the club, both saving and helping the club therefore sometimes, although his father did not want to take risks, but Matthijs forbids him to help the club. Matthijs has a hard time deciding what to do.The Club can both save them, but they will encounter Anchesenamon,the angry wife of Tutankhamun, must In the last episode, Nienke gives the Teardrop of Isis to Achesenamon,that both Noa and Rosa have been saved.

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