Marsha Lewis
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Family & Friends
Family: Philip Lewis (husband)
Alfie Lewis (son)
Relationships: Philip Lewis (husband)
Series Information
Portrayer: Sarah Wood

Marsha Lewis is the wife of Philip Lewis and the mother of Alfie Lewis. Marsha seemed to be a very quiet person because her husband, Philip, was doing most of the talking, and like a very polite lady. Mrs. Lewis was also very proud of Alfie when he told his parents that he was the 'Head of House'. When Trudy asked her if she enjoyed the play, she immediately said yes but was interupted by her husband, which seems normal since Marsha always agreed with whatever Philip said (which was usually about how Alfie can improve himself). However, Marsha did seem proud of Alfie because she was smiling at him with kindness while Philip was talking about how he could become better. Jerome calls Marsha poised and beautiful to impress Alfie's parents. Though, Alfie comments that Marsha and Philip are overstrict, control-freak parents; this could be saying that Marsha isn't all that quiet and is very strict when she's not in public or Alfie was only talking about his father. When Marsha and Philip are leaving, she goes over to Alfie and kisses him on the cheek and pats his shoulder in a kind, motherly way.

Marsha Lewis is portrayed by Sarah Wood.

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