Marcel Keizer
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Address: Anubis House
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Marcelo by Anastacia
Family & Friends
Family: Unnamed parents
Vince (half-brother)
Friends: Pim Versteeg (Bestfriend)
Lexie/Bertina van Meent (Bestfriend)
Anastacia van Emeryck-Reehorst
Raphael Salamons
Sterre de Wit
Relationships: Anastacia van Emeryck-Reehorst (Crush)
Lexie (Kissed)
Hester van Vleuten (Kissed)
Other Information
Interests: Food
Education: Unnamed Boarding school
Series Information
First appearance: Het Huis Anubis & The Five of the Magical Sword Episode 1
Last appearance: Het Huis Anubis & The Five of the Magical Sword Episode 175 (Finale)
Portrayer: Juliann Ubbergen

Marcel Keizer is one of the main characters in Het Huis Anubis En De Vijf Van Het Magische Zwaard. His sense is taste. He is portrayed by Juliann Ubbergen.

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Marcel's sense is taste. When he eats, he can see whatever happened to the food. To surpress these visions, he puts sambal on everything. He is an entertainer, and hard to miss. He is also rather crude, impudent and not very smart. He has a very vivid imagination, talking to trees and accusing them of following him (he has practically no sense of direction). His imagination gets the better of him and he is oblivious to the whole Dark Druid mystery. Instead he thinks Sterre is a witch who turns schoolmates into toads. He also believes that Sterre lured Pim to the dark side, and that the headmaster is in on it.He has a crush on Anastacia, and does not seem to notice that she doesn't like him at all, trying to impress her at every possible opportunity. He may be crude, but sometimes, he hits the nail right on the head.Marcel lived together with his parents and his half-brother in a hotel. They're not very rich and don't spend to much money. But food was not much of a problem for them. Marcel's sense is taste. If he eats something he sees flashes from what happened to the food. If he eats for example a chicken he sees how old the chicken was, how it was killed and perhaps if it was eaten before. Marcel is scared of this and uses Sambal to neutralise the taste of the food. Marcel also has a vivid imagination. He thinks for example that the toads in the headmaster's office are children that the Druids have cursed because of their bad behavior. He also thinks he is a superhero and that Sterre is a witch. He likes on Anastacia and also thinks she likes him. But Anastacia actually hates him. He realizes that when Lexie walked away and Anastacia is always angry at him. In episode 99 he loses his sense. Ewan can now talk. 

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