Lucien van Geffen
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General Information
Gender: Male
Birthday: November 20, 1987
Age: 27
Hometown: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Birthplace: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Nationality: Dutch
Other Information
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Occupation(s): Actor
Family & Friends
Family: Maureen van der Steene (mother)

Lucas van Geffen (Father) Etien van Geffen (Brother)

Relationships: Michael Den Hartog (Boyfriend)
Series Information
Character: Fabian Ruitenburg

Lucien van Geffen (November 20, 1987) is a Dutch actor. He is mainly known for his role as Fabian Ruitenburg in the youth series Het Huis Anubis on Nickelodeon. A role he theathershows and movies in The Path of 7 Sins, The Revenge of Arghus, and the return of Sibuna Anubis and repeated. Lucien and Iris Hesseling are the two actors who have played the longest in the series. Van Geffen grew up in Rotterdam. From the age of seven he played two years at Youth Theatre Hofplein. In 2004 Van Geffen did audition at the Theatre Rotterdam and was admitted. In (April) 2005 he starred in several short films along for Villa Achterwerk and he auditioned for Anubis Nickelodeon. He was cast for the role of Fabian Ruitenburg. The recordings started in April 2006. In 2007 Van Geffen starred in the short film Stop by Danny Maas and Trooper of Ivo Broekhuizen. In 2008 he presented with Elske Verbraak six weeks the regional TV programs Solos TV. This was broadcast on Brabant10 and produced by Sensus Media. In 2010 he also spoke in the voice of Spike in the listening tour the dusty town of Suske en Wiske. He was also featured in the new video Djumbo - Sjans where he plays a (at first sight) nerdy bartender who has an eye on the girls.    

In July 2015, Iris said on her twitter that Lucien is currently a manager of an hotel.    

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Year Show Role
2005 De wereld draait door
2006-2009 Het Huis Anubis Fabian Ruitenburg


Year Movie Role
2008 Het Huis Anubis En Het Pad Der Zeven Zonden Fabian Ruitenburg
2009 Het Huis Anubis En De Wraak Van Arghus Fabian Ruitenburg
2010 Het huis Anubis en de terugkeer van Sibuna Fabian Ruitenburg


Year Short Role
2008 Stop! David


  • He only assumed his homosexuality after Het Huis Anubis ended, because he didn't want fans thinking that Fabian and Nienke's relationship wasn't real.
  • His best friend is Iris Hesseling in real life.
  • He was working F and B manager in The Student Hotel (Amsterdam)

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