General Information
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Golden
Birthday: Unknown
Aliases: Let Down
Family & Friends
Family: Mara Jaffray and family (owner)
Series Information
First appearance: House of Enemies / House of Surprise
Last appearance: House of Winning / House of Moonlighting

Letdown is the dog Mara inherits when she becomes a lady. Letdown is large and smelly. He is quite lovable, but not that well behaved.

Since there are no pets allowed on campus, Mara must keep Letdown hidden from Trudy and Victor at all times, although the students all know about Letdown. Joy often helps her care for Letdown.

While dogsitting, Joy lets Fabian borrow the dog to help track down KT. They are very careless and get caught by Victor after about three seconds. Victor takes Letdown and threatens to stuff him.

Mara is very upset about losing Letdown. She is in a bad mood from the second he leaves, showing how much she really cared about her inheritance. 

Somehow, Joy and Willow get the dog back from Victor, who did not stuff him. He is sent to live with Mara's parents, where Mara can see him on term breaks. 


Mara names her newly inherited dog, Letdown because she was expecting riches and land when she became a lady, and discovering all she was recieving was a dog and a title was quite a let down. Since the dog was previously owned by the lord Mara inherited her title from, he probably already had a name, and is not used to being called "Letdown." However, Mara did not know this name and, thus, renamed the dog. It was possible that she wasn't being serious when she called him Letdown, but the name stuck.       


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