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Warning: Some fanfictions may contain sexual content. Read at your own risk.

  • The Anubis Diaries by Thay23 - Summary: My version takes place in Season 3. Amber, Alfie, Fabian and Patricia want to reform Sibuna and want make Eddie a member so that they can solve this mystery. But when he finds out what he has to do, he knows he has to hurt someone process. Will he do it? Rated T; Unfinished
  • The American's Summer  by  Xxlovexxx - Summary:  When KT and Eddie are forced to stay at Anubis House for the summer, KT has a dream where her Grandfather says omeone is out to get her and to be aware of her surroundings, that same day, she sees the ghost of an old women. Can Eddie protect her from getting hurt, or even killed? Rated T; Finished
  • Were Stuck In The Crypt! by Thay23 - Summary: When KT and Eddie ignore each other for unknown reasons Fabian, Joy and Alfie don't understand. Fabian tricks both Eddie and KT to go into the crypt to find more about Frobisher. They have to talk to each other...Not only about the DRAMA they live in, but also...their feelings towards each other. Rated T: Unfinished
  • The Unforgettable Party of the Egyptian Gods! by Thay23 - Summary: The Anubis teens are confused what happened the morning after the best night of their life. There are pictures around the house that tells a forgettable or unforgettable night on the best night of their life. Rated T; Unfinished
  • Falling For You A Keddie Story by  keddieforever11 - Summary:  "You're the girl from my dreams." Eddie had said to me when I first arrived. Sure, it freaked me out, but after all of this Sibuna stuff, everything makes sense. Kinds, But now he's dating Patricia...I don't know what to think. Rated T; Unfinished
  • Saving You by Thay23 - Summary: Idea from Cupcakelover108. Takes place after House of Posession. When KT is held hostage by Frobisher Smyth and Miss Denby, Eddie can't take it and demands Sibuna to save her fast together with Joy and Willow. Will Eddie and Sibuna be able to save her? Will KT's end come and When will KT and Eddie admit their feelings for each other? Rated T; Unfinished
  • House of Anubis Season 3 by Kaylalayak - Summary: What if KT did get to see her grandfather at the gatehouse. Rated K ; Unfinished
  • Keep Her Safe by mannieskeddie - Summary: When a new girl comes to Anubis House Everything changes and it's not for the good. A new mystery that could lead to the end of the road for someone. Relationships will be tested Friendship will break and betrayal will happen. Rated T; Unfinished

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