Kaya Sahin
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Family & Friends
Family: Mr. Sahin (father)
Aylin Sahin (sister)
Friends: Daniel Gutenberg
Relationships: Mara Minkmar (Ex-Girlfriend)
Delia Seefeld (Ex-Girlfriend)
Charlotte Bachmann (Girlfriend)
Series Information
Portrayer: Karim Günes
Other Versions: Mick Campbell (American/British Version)
Mick Zeelenberg(Dutch)
Kaya Sahin seems to have everything that all girls wish for: he's popular, sporty, and looks good. Everyone loves him. Everything about him seems perfect, but his love life is actually quite a dilemma. Whilst his fellow housemates solve the mystery of Haus Anubis.

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Kaya is a muscular athlete. His favorite sports are surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. He shared with Daniel a room. and he they were best friends with Daniel. He is very popular with girls. He was a long time with Delia together. then he gave a bracelet to Delia but he gave a bracelet to Mara too because Mara help him in physics assignment. then he tries to make Delia happy. until he fell in love with Mara, he wanted to win in the sports competition so Mara help him.then in the mean time he gets jealous and when he sees Magnus and Mara are together in Mara's room. then he was became close to Charlotte. then he sometimes play a prank to Charlotte with some chili sauce in her sandwich. and then Charlotte and Kaya are spending time with Luzy,Max, Hubert and Doris when they going in the ride. then in season 2, He was helping Daniel to his relationship to Nina. then he sees Delia who helped Nina. then he almost get argued to Delia in the garden. and then in the part that Benny was arrive. he was also annoyed by him. then he joined with Daniel and Luzy to let Benny leave in the house. then when Benny leave. Kaya hugged Luzy and Charlotte gets jealous. but he was dating with Charlotte.


  • Kaya is a huge football fan. His ultimate hobby: sports.
  • He does snowboarding, skateboarding and dumbbell training.
  • He collects license plates from the U.S.
  • Athletic, sweet and sympathetic - Kaya is a real heartthrob.
  • Because Kaya is on the brink in several subjects, he has an idea: He would like to apply for a scholarship at an American high school.
  • His father is a successful entrepreneur. He owns the company Carbeco shipbuilding.
  • He has a blind sister, which he kept secret from everyone.
  • In Hawaii, he had a date with the former youth world surfing champion Victoria Waters
  • Kaya has a blind sister, which he keeps a secret.
  • Kaya is wanted to be a doctor.

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