Love Triangle: Eddie's dating Patricia, Patricia's jealous of KT and Eddie's Friendship! KT might have a crush on Eddie!
General Information
Shipped Characters: KT Rush, Patricia Williamson,and Eddie Miller
Length of Relationship: Peddie - Mid Season 2 to Season 3; Mid Season 3 to present
Keddie- Never Happened
Status: Friends (On KT and Eddie's behalf)
Dating (On Patricia and Eddie's behalf)
Love Triangle
Rivals: Kabian (Possible)
Fabicia (Possible)
Neddie (Possible)
Other Pairing Names: Kedtricia

Katriceddie (K/T and P/atric/a and Eddie) is the love triangle between KT RushEddie Miller, and Patricia Williamson. This triangle begins in House of Arrivals / House of Presents when KT entered Anubis House with a pile of boxes and Eddie bumped into her and she fell. Eddie recognized her and almost immediately became friends. This is partially due to the fact that Eddie had visions about her before she came and approached her about it quickly. At first, KT thought he was a bit strange, Eddie says "You're the girl from my dreams," which quickly leaves Patricia jealous and raged. The promo for the week of 3/11/13 said there will be a love triangle between Eddie/Patricia/KT. It is shown in the promo that Patricia will become jealous of them, hinting they might become involved romantically. KT has expressed multiple times that she has no romantic interest in Eddie. Then it was confirmed that KT would not get a boyfriend, by Alexandra Shipp, and that Peddie got back together, meaning Keddie will not be happening. Also,it was KT who reunited Peddie meaning she is happy for them and respects their relationship.

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Season 3 Hints

House of Arrivals / House of Presents

  • Patricia gets jealous when Eddie tells KT she's the girl from his dreams

House of Possession / House of Greed

  • Patricia tells KT that Eddie is like her number one fan.
  • KT tells Patricia that she doesn't have feelings for Eddie.
  • Patricia admits to KT that she still likes Eddie.
  • KT agrees to find out how Eddie feels about Patricia.
  • KT tries to subtly ask Eddie how he feels about Patricia, but he gets the wrong impression, and thinks she's talking about herself.
  • KT tells Patricia that Eddie is over her.
  • KT tells Patricia to ask another guy out to make Eddie jealous.