General Information
Shipped Characters: Joyce van Bodegraven and Patricia Soeters
Length of Relationship: 2006-present
Status: Best Friends

Joycetricia (Joyce and Pa/tricia) are the friendship paring of Joyce van Bodegraven and Patricia Soeters. When Patricia was waiting for her in the classroom (in episode 1), she was very worrie for Joyce that she didn't came in school. She want justice to find her, she really wanted to find her so she is in Mr. Van Swieten's office to find the file of Joyce, they were still best friends before Nienke arrives.

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Joycetricia Moments

When Nienke stay in Anubis house and she was in Joyce's room. she doesn't believe first that Nienke was really telling the truth. and when Victor said that Joyce is gone, Patricia still want to know where is Joyce is. whenever she asked Rufus that he will going to find Joyce but whenever that Patricia was treatened by him. she just wanted to find her. and she asked also Jason that about Joyce disappearance. In theater she sees Joyce sitting and she was making disguise so she has a chance to meet Patricia. and she also receive a letter/note from Joyce before the theater starts. In season two Patricia receive a message from Joyce and she says she is coming back in school. when Joyce was in school again. Patricia and Joyce are spending time together in even in school then but Victor wanted that Joyce room will be in the attic so when Joyce stayed there, then she sees Amneris and she get scared, Patricia heard her screaming and she was complaining to Victor that Joyce get scared to sleep in the attic. but Mara said that she can stay in the attic. then Patricia and Joyce are sharing again in their room. Patricia and Joyce are enjoyed to played 'Truth or Dare' but Joyce did not know that she let Nienke mad and Jealous in the game, when she kissed Fabian. then when Patricia still remember her club. She tells to Joyce that she has a club and she tells that she can't join. Then Joyce get mad at her. So she tell to Nienke that it she wanted to quit in the club. and she promise to Nienke that she won't tell it to Joyce because she wanted to spent time with Joyce. Patricia and Joyce are join to write in editorial articles in school and then they both interviewed Ari van Swieten. Joyce and Patricia distract Jimmy by taking him a photograph, when Fabian is getting the letter and the locket. In the end of season 2, Patricia and Joyce are taking in any rides they like, with Robbie, Ari and Elly. In the end of season 3 Joyce and Patrica get a scholarship from America.


  • Joycetricia is the Dutch verison of Joytricia

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