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General Information
Shipped Characters: Jerome Clarke and Poppy Clarke
Status: Siblings
Other Pairing Names: Perome
Joppy (J/erome and P/oppy) is the sibling pairing of Jerome and Poppy Clarke. They aren't exactly the best of siblings, but unite to find their estranged father. Jerome and Poppy do not agree on how to deal with their father, but they support each other nonetheless. Jerome occasionally calls Poppy "Poopy" while Poppy often calls Jerome "Gerbil". It is implied that although the two aren't the best of siblings, they do care about each other. Poppy, through collecting memories of all of her past moments with her brother (although she uses this as blackmail previously), and Jerome, who despite trying to pretend like he doesn't care, always attends Poppy's school performances whilst their mother was always a no-show. The two are quite cold to each other at the beginning of Season 2, Jerome and Poppy always trying to out do each other, and still as the season progresses, Poppy usually feels betrayed at how Jerome never lets her in on any information about her father, but the two eventually learn how to communicate with each other and get along, especially when they visit their dad together for the first time. By the end of the season, the two are quite civil against one another. In Season 3, Jerome reveals he played a part in Poppy transferring to another school, which meant that we didn't see an on-screen relationship between them in Season 3.
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Joppy Moments

Season 2

House of Hello / House of Dolls

  • Jerome is seen hiding from Poppy.
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  • Poppy tells Jerome off for trying to avoid her.
  • Poppy gives Jerome a list of demands to 'buy her silence'.
  • Poppy calls Jerome and Mick says "Who's Poopy?".

House of Spirits / House of Blackmail

  • Jerome is seen giving some of his merchandise to Poppy.
  • Poppy gives out pictures of Jerome in the hallways.
  • Jerome takes the blame for Poppy.
  • It is discovered that Poppy is Jerome's younger sister.

House of Rivals / House of Faces

  • Jerome takes Poppy's phone.
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  • Jerome gives Poppy's phone back and he deletes the pictures of him on there
  • When Poppy asks for the pictures back she tells him she likes them.
  • Poppy gets upset because the pictures remind her of when they were taken and how even though their mother dodged events, Jerome came.
  • Jerome tells her he saved them on his laptop and she can have some of them back.
  • Jerome gives Poppy the envelope from their father so she can have a peek for 10 minutes.

House of Combinations / House of Heartbreak

IMG 4825
The Clarke's
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  • Poppy tries to get her brother to help her find their father.

House of Tunnels / House of Goodbye

  • Jerome agrees to help Poppy and to hire a private investigator.
  • Poppy seems happy that Jerome is finally helping her.

House of Who? / House of Frauds

  • Jerome tries to spare Poppy's feelings by not telling her that their father is in prison.

House of Crushes / House of Vertigo

  • Poppy is upset when she finds out their father is in prison, and she hears Jerome saying their father could rot for all he cared.

House of Pendulums / House of Impasse

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  • Jerome tells Mara not to inform Poppy about their dad.

House of Missions / House of Captives / House of the Chosen / House of Freedom

  • Poppy couldn't believe Jerome didn't come to their father's hearing.
  • Poppy, Jerome, and John have a family/group hug when Jerome sees John and Poppy and the Anubis House party.
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