Jason Winker
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Occupation(s): History Teacher
Family & Friends
Relationships: Ester Verlinden (date)
Series Information
Portrayer: Curt Fortin
Other Versions: Jason Winkler (American)

Luka Petkovic (German)

Jason Winker is the original, Dutch version of Jason Winkler. He is portrayed by Curt Fortin.


He is the history teacher.He was very popular with his pupils. Amber was even in love with him, but he was in love with Ester. In the first season, he was new in the school, so he knew nothing about Joyce.Patricia trusted him and told him all about her best friend Joyce and how she simply disappeared.Jason went out and he was on the point to go to the police when he talked to Ari and Ellie, and told him the secret.Van Sweeten told Jason about the disappearance of Joyce and became a member of the Anubis Association. He was only in middle of season 2, because he moved from the school to Ecuador to help children, so he was thrown a karaoke party at the school before he left.

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