Jakob van Den Berg
Jakob van den Berg
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Grey
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation(s): Doctor
Family & Friends
Family: Matthijs van Den Berg (son) Rosa van Den Berg (wife)
Relationships: Rosa van Den Berg (wife)
Enemies: Sibuna
Series Information
First appearance: Het Huis Anubis Seizoen 3 Aflevering 306
Last appearance: Het Huis Anubis Seizoen 4 Aflevering 404
Portrayer: Evert van der Meulen

Jakob van Den Berg is the father of Matthijs van Den Berg,and the one who kidnapped Fabian and Noa to getthe Tear of Isis and get his wife back.He is portrayed by Evert van der Meulen.


He is cursed by Anchesenamon. He has eternal life, unless he will kill the descendants of Isis and Amneris. His wife is petrified, and will only return to normal when the last descendant of Amneris was killed. Ankhesenamun is the wife of Tutankhammun but cheated on her with Amneris. Anchesenamon wants to murder the descendants from them.He wanted to poison Noa after he did a test with Rufus in the hallway. But Fabian protects her and got the poison instead. Now, he imprisons Fabian to get the poison out Fabian's body to administer it then Noa. He is a doctor at the hospital where Noa and Fabian stays.This allowed him to abduct Fabian and said that he is deceased. Later, Matthijs lived in Anubis house so he could poison Noa. Noa , eventually,was poisoned that she can't move her legs. Matthijs abducted her while Nienke, Appie and Jeroen did the last trial in The Secret Gang.Sibuna notices that Noa was gone, they got a call from Matthijs, ho says Fabian is still alive but they cannot save Noa. Amber then comes home and says that she followed the doctor to his home.Now. they know where the doctor lives. They went to his villa. The doctor tells Matthijs that he should turn away, but the club does not listen and still try to enter the villa. He administered the last drop of poison to Noa. He may be responsible for the death of Noa's parents.But in the end , Jakob gets her wife back to normal without killing Noa , because of Nienke.


  • The purpose of Jakob of killing the last descendant of Amneris is to let his wife free.
  • Jakob was the father of Matthijs van Den Berg.
  • He was planning to administer the poison to Noa but instead it was adminitered to Fabian.
  • His character doesn't have a counterpart in House of Anubis, but somewhat similiar to Caroline Denby's character while, Das Haus Anubis also similars with their version of Rufus Malpied.

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