Isis House is a boarding house of the school. Not much is known about this house. Willow Jenks is a resident at Isis House at the beginning of Season 3, and thinks it is boring in comparison to her current residency, Anubis House, and had organized petition for her to move out of Isis House and into Anubis House. Seven other students live at Isis House. KT slept in Isis House for one night before moving into Anubis House.

Benji Reed, a sport transfer who knows Eddie Miller, moves into Isis House in House of Enemies / House of Surprise.

Isis House played in the Interhouse Dodgeball Competition, and because of their extensive preparation, skill and training, they made it through to the finals. Willow even said that their House motto was "win or die." When Mut House was disqualified, Isis played Anubis House and barely lost when it came down to Benji and Fabian. After the game, Ben came up to Eddie to shake hands but Eddie laughed in his face.

Isis House was not mentioned at all in the first two seasons. It is first mentioned in House of Arrivals / House of Presents by Mr. Sweet. It is currently one of the four known boarding houses, along with Anubis House, Hathor House and Mut House.

Known Residents

Willow Jenks

Willow left Isis House in House of Anticipation / House of Close Calls and transferred to Anubis House. She probably lived there for at least three years before moving. She believed Anubis House was much more exciting.

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KT Rush

KT is an Isis House resident for one night only in House of Arrivals / House of Presents.

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Benji Reed

Benji is Eddie Miller's arch-rival who participates in the dodgeball tournament between Isis House and Anubis House. He stayed there for the time he was at the school for the tournament.

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Sven is a member of Isis House who has no dialogue. He is a very minor character and only appears in a couple of episodes in Season 3. He is played by Mark Cunningham and he first appears in the episode House of Enemies / House of Surprise. He and the two other Isis House boys go to Anubis House to mock Eddie and the others before the dodgeball tournament. He laughs when Jerome knocks into KT and breaks a plate, along with his friends. He seems to be good friends with Ben and Sergei.


Sergei is a very minor character introduced to the show in Season 3. He lives in Isis House and he has no dialogue. Sergei first appeared in the episode House of Enemies / House of Surprise when he, Benji and Sven went to mock Eddie Miller at Anubis House.

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