House of Trickery / House of Unity
Season 3, Episode 9-10
Airdate January 31, 2013
Written by Diane Whitley
Directed by Angelo Abela
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House of Trickery / House of Unity are the 9th and 10th episodes of Season 3 of House of Anubis and 159th and 160th episodes overall. They premiered on January 31, 2013. This is the last episode featuring Ana Mulvoy Ten (Amber Millington) as a main character. This episode had 1.316 million viewers.[1]

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Amber is discovered in the tank room; Eddie and KT find a photo of Miss Denby.[2] Amber demands that Sibuna is reformed; Victor is delighted to have his bracelet.[3] Amber is found by Miss Denby in the tank's room, then she calls Mr. Sweet and Victor and they made a trade, and Amber gives them a parcel. Amber tells Sibuna and they get angry with her, but she doesn't seem to be sorry, so she probably tricked Victor, Miss Denby and Mr. Sweet.


House of Trickery

Amber is discovered and near escapes without Miss Denby seeing in the tank room. A photo of Miss Denby sparks a revelation. Amber reveals the secret about the adults in the tank room. In order to get Victor off her tail, she gives him a parcel. Victor unknowingly celebrates a fake bracelet, thanks to Amber knowing Victor's tricks. Fabian, Alfie and Patricia see Amber in Mr. Sweet's office with Victor and Miss Denby and thinks that she betrayed them.

House of Unity

Moments later, Victor announces to everyone that Amber is leaving to the fashion school and


everyone cannot believe what is happening. Fabian, Alfie, and Patricia get an unknown text message to meet them at the school but so did KT and Eddie. They end up running into each other in the school and they have an argument. Amber screams to get their attention. Everyone realizes that it was her and are surprised to see her. Amber tells all of them about Victor and Denby's plan, which is to use the parcel in a ceremony to release great evil. She also tells them that she gave the parcel and instructions to Victor. Everyone thinks she betrayed them. But then Amber tells them that those were fake instructions and a fake parcel. She demands that Sibuna should be reformed and that they all work together. Amber suggests Fabian to be leader, but Fabian says he wasn't the Osirian. So, Fabian nominates Eddie and Eddie accepts. Amber has to leave knowing that Victor and Miss Denby don't want her here and everything is arranged. It was a pretty emotional goodbye between Amber and Alfie. Also, Amber warned once Victor finds out its fake, he can reach them but not her. Amber whispers "I love you" to Alfie's air, and then leaves the school leaving Alfie in tears. Amber's last word was "Sibuna".

Mr. Sweet and Victor find the misfortune cookies in the package instead of the expected instructions. They believe that the proverbs are clues to finding the actual instructions. Eddie writes a note for his dad to check out Miss Denby's photo on the website, but Miss Denby replaces the photo with her own before Mr. Sweet sees the photo of the real Miss Denby. The newly reformed Sibuna goes to the Gatehouse to search for more clues. Patricia and Alfie stall Miss Denby as the rest of the gang sneak into the tank room. KT has an argument with Fabian when she realizes that Fabian and the rest thought she was working for Victor. K.T gets mad at Fabian and 'gently' shoves him into the sleeping man. The machine fells backwards, about to hit Eddie...Will it fall and crash or will Eddie save it before it hits the ground?



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