House of Strategy / House of Memory
Season 2, Episode 81-82
Airdate March 6, 2012
Written by Diane Whitley
Directed by Angelo Abela
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House of Surrender
House of Pretenders
House of Strategy / House of Memory are the 81st and 82nd episodes of Season 2 of House of Anubis and the 141st and 142nd overall. They premiered on March 6th, 2012.

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Eddie and Jerome reveal that Joy didn't submit Mara's article to the web competition. The gang are left shaken after Alfie almost falls through the ground; Fabian asks Joy to be the strategist and after a small disagreement between her and Fabian, she agrees; Victor Rodenmaar Sr. tells Nina that she is a descendant of the high priestess, Amneris and the Chosen One always has an Osirion to keep her in balance, the opposite of the Chosen One and her special protector and champion, like Rufus was Sarah's Osirion; Trudy calls a doctor to help her with her memory but Vera sabotages it by sending in a fake doctor who implants fake memories into Trudy's mind; Amber and Alfie spy on Vera and the doctor talking and learn the doctor plans on using the box he used on Trudy to hypnotize the kids into becoming pawns so then Vera and Victor can complete the Senet task, Amber and Alfie then pass this on to the rest of Sibuna as well as the two of them learning that Victor knows how to play Senet; Joy practices Senet in the library and begins to get better at it, but the doctor comes into the library to see Jasper and reveals he was wearing a disguise. Joy looks in horror at the man under the mask...




Nina's Destiny



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