House of Rendezvous / House of Rescue
Season 1, Episode 36-37
Airdate January 31, 2011
Written by Diane Whitley
Directed by Angelo Abela
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House of Charades
House of Arrest
House of Rendezvous / House of Rescue are the 36th and 37th episodes of Season 1 of House of Anubis and overall. They premiered on January 31, 2011.

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Fabian locates Nina and Amber by following Rufus' oil trail; Mick and Mara attempt a truce; the kids follow Mrs. Andrews to rescue Patricia even after she tells them it is too risky. Rufus makes a getaway, enraging Mrs. Andrews, but Sibuna manages to secretly free Patricia just as Rufus leaves. Patricia demands answers from the teachers, so they finally let Sibuna speak to Joy via video chat. Jerome and Mara start getting closer.




Jason: I want to talk about numerology.
Jerome (sarcastically): Numerology? Sir, this is a serious class!
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