House of Dreams / House of Pitfalls
Season 2, Episode 77-78
Airdate March 2, 2012 (TeenNick)
May 16, 2013 (TeenNick)
Written by Diane Whitley
Directed by Tim Hopewell
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House of Illusions
House of Phantoms
House of Dreams / House of Pitfalls are the 77th and 78th episodes in Season 2 of House of Anubis and the 137th and 138th overall. They aired on March 2, 2012.

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Sibuna realizes they must play the ancient Egyptian game of Senet - and the stakes are high.Joy is still getting a hard time because of Mara, so when Mr. Sweet tells her to enter Mara in the blog competition, Joy makes other plans.Trudy is having strange dreams - could her memory be returning? Victor and Vera secretly practice Senet in his office, while the Sibunas consult Jasper about the rules. Jerome finally makes his move on Mara, only to discover she's still not over Mick. Down in the tunnels, disaster strikes when Nina steps onto a danger square and the floor gives way beneath her.





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