House of Anubis: The Eye of Horus is the first book of the trilogy that is based on the English version of House of Anubis. It is centered around the first half of Season 1, beginning with Nina Martin winning a scolarship to England's best boarding school and ends by Joy Mercer getting caught by Victor Rodenmaar and Mrs. Andrews after the play.


A missing student named Joy has been found, but plenty of questions remain for Nina and her Anubis House classmates. Who is the sinister man in black? What is the secret society that meets in the gloomy cellar of Anubis House? Where is the Cup of Ankh and why are so many people desperate to find it?


The book include entries from Nina's diary, which also has the page which Patricia read about her being mean. The book also contains eight pages full-color photos from the original show. The book also has a few missing lines from the original series and some even changed a bit.

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