Het Huis Anubis En Het Pad Der Zeven Zonden
© Viacom / Studio 100
Countries of origin: Belgium, The Netherlands
Language: Dutch
Genre: Mystery
Producer: Studio 100
Release: 8 October, 2008
Written by: Alexandra Penrhyn Lowe and Anjali Taneja
Directed by: Dennis Bots
Other Versions Das Haus Anubis - Pfad der 7 Sünden (movie)

Het Pad Der 7 Zonden (translation: The Path of 7 Sins) is a movie of Het Huis Anubis.

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The inhabitants of the house go on a school trip to Croatia, but when the bus breaks, they land in a haunted village. When the statue of Count Rohan disappears and Nienke gets kidnapped, the inhabitants follow the traces to the gate. It sends everyone to another dimension. Will they save Nienke from being fossilized.



The main cast of the movie

Loek Beernink: Nienke Martens

Iris Hesseling: Amber Rozenberg

Lucien van Geffen: Fabian Ruitenburg

Vincent Banic: Mick Zeelenberg

Vreneli van Helbergen: Patricia Soeters

Marieke Westenenk: Joyce van Bodegraven

Achmed Akkabi: Appie Tahibi

Sven de Wijn: Jeroen Cornelissen

Gamze Tazim: Noa van Rijn


The dvd of the movie


The path exists out of 7 task: a sin per task. When you make a mistake, you will fossilize.

Task 1: Wrath

A construction of spears with a key in the center. When someone feels angry, a spear will move towards the person who tries to get the key. This key is needed for task 3.

Task 2: Lust

A garden full of nimphs trying to summon you. Noa fossilizes here by touching the nimph summoning Jeroen.

Task 3: Sloth

A locked cave with magic stones. These stones take the shape of an object which can be found back on a wheel. The wheel must be turned to open the door. Mick fossilizes here by stopping the falling stone. Joyce also fossilizes because she runs back and touches Mick's statue.

Task 4: Pride

A swamp with a monster fish. The mud is very deep and the monster fish is dangerous.

Task 5: Gluttony

A table full of delicious food. Appie fossilizes here by eating a jam cookie.

Task 6: Greed

A room full of dresses and nice clothes. Amber fossilizes here by taking something.

Final Task: Envy

A duel against Count Rohan. He starts striking. If you strike back, you will fossilize.

The song
Het huis anubis het pad der 7 zonden - liedje03:44

Het huis anubis het pad der 7 zonden - liedje

The Trailer

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