Giles Winner-Freston
Giles 1
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Occupation(s): Student
Series Information
Portrayer: Oliver Biles

Giles Winner-Freston was a Ping Pong champion. He won the first round, but it was discovered that he was cheating in the game, and was then beaten by Alfie. Giles is from a rival school. He winked at Amber, causing her to lose focus. This is why Amber stopped playing Ping Pong. As she got older, she got attracted to guys, and lost to them. He is portrayed by Oliver Biles.

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From his first appearance, he is shown to be very arrogant, arriving at the school to meet Jerome because of their ping pong tournament to win the Frobisher Shield. They would be playing against each other in the Ping Pong game. He laughed at Alfie's attempts to defend Jerome because instead of saying good comebacks, Alfie ended up insulting Jerome more, which just humiliated the both of them. After having his fair share of insulting them, Giles and his partner left in the upcoming game.

During the game, he was seen winking at Amber, causing her to lose focus in trying to win the game. He and his partner won the first game in the tournament, but they were soon revealed to have been cheating, by hiding extra Ping Pong balls in his cap, and using weighted balls. They were found out by Alfie because he was acting very childish because of the curse that Nina had accidently set on him. Alfie was messing about so he decided that it would be funny if he took off his opponent's cap, where the weighted balls were discovered. However, he claimed that he and his partner didn't need to use them, as Jerome and Amber weren't worth it. He said that they would win because they were much better than their opponents at Ping Pong. Despite this, another round was set up, where the spectators made sure that they couldn't cheat. Giles and his partner nearly won again, but was beaten by a serve from Alfie.

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