The Frobisher Library

The Frobisher Library is one of the main locations where Season 2 of House of Anubis took place.


The Frobisher Library was built on the Anubis Estate and served as Robert Frobisher-Smythe's library. After his death, the libray fell into disarray.

The library was first seen in House of Dolls when Victor and Mr.  Sweet attempted to look for the Book of Isis. The book's hiding place under the stairs was empty when they found it. The library was later cleaned up and used to house the Treasures of Egypt Exhibition in House of Combinations / House of Heartbreak.

In the second season finale, Nina, Amber , and Joy found the key to open the mask cabinet in the tunnels hidden in the Book of Isis compartment. Later, Nina wore the Mask of Anubis and after she was possessed by Senkhara a portal to the afterlife was opened in the library. Eddie managed to banish Senkhara using her crown and his power as the Osirion, destroying the crown in the process. Rufus Zeno wore the mask causing a firey pit to open in the floor. After being posssessed by Senkhara, he fell into the pit and disappeared.

Treasures of Egypt Exhibition

The Treasures of Egypt Exhibition was a traveling exhibition that was housed in the library during season 2. It was run by Jasper Choudhary and included numerous artifacts such as the Mask of Anubis(that was thought to be the replica).


Treasures of Egypt poster

Secret passage to the Frobisher Library


Secret passage in library

In the reflector task room in the tunnels, there is a secret door that can only be opened using the amulet with Thoth on it. The tunnel behind it leads to the library passage. There is a button on the wall, when pressed, it opens the bookshelf. There is also a button hidden on the bookshelf allowing access on the library side.

Frobisher Library Gallery

View the Gallery.

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