Felix Gaber
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue (2009-2011)

Brown (2011-Present)

Family & Friends
Family: Mohammed "Mo" (Cousin)
Friends: Magnus von Hagen
Daniel Gutenberg
Nina Martens
Mara Minkmar
Relationships: Delia Seefeld (Current Girlfriend)
Series Information
Portrayer: Florian Prokop (2009-2011)
Mitja Lafere (2011-2012)
Other Versions: Appie Tahibi(Dutch)
Alfie Lewis(English)
Felix Gaber is the German version of Alfie Lewis (American) and Appie Tayibi (Dutch). He is the bestfriend of Magnus von Hagen and always likes to prank together. His current girlfriend is Delia Seefeld. He is portrayed by Florian Prokop, and later, by Mitja Lafere.

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Felix is the joker of the house. If something were to malfunction, one must know that Felix cannot be too far off. He loves pranks and his crazy ideas often drive people to the brink of insanity. He is in love with Delia, but her heart, at first, belongs to another. Felix is best friends with Magnus, whom he pulls a lot of his pranks with. Unbeknownst to him, Magnus often uses Felix and takes advantage of him, seeing him as an idiotic, gullible fool. He once defined as he did make a smoke bomb in the kitchen, where Delia get suffocate in the kitchen. but althought Felix plan is failed because Kaya saved Delia. He wanted to know who has played around the clock. After he finds Daniels fingerprints there, he wants take the task and he is initiated into the matter with the treasure. He helps Daniel to find the disc in the clock and as Victor is there in a whole night is long away from home, the club sent him to the basement, where he finds a parchment with an image code. In episode 104, he is a member of the club of old Willow. When Nina gets a warning from Sarah in a dream, these doubts but at Felix trusts. Some time later Daniel doubt Felix. Magnus wants that he get some information about the treasure, therefore, that Felix tells to Daniel exploits to get to information about the treasure.His story is the same with Appie, but has a little difference.


  • The amiable slob is head over heels in love with Delia.
  • He stands on horror and science-action movies.
  • Felix disguises herself at every opportunity. His weirdest costumes so far: a creepy skeleton and Felicitas, the quiz assistant.
  • Monster masks are his passion for collecting. His favorite pieces he hangs over the bed.
  • He put a smoke bomb parts through his old school in ruins.
  • Felix is ​​crazy about peanut butter.

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