Féréba Koné
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General Information
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 2nd, 1990
Age: 23
Birthplace: Hamburg, Germany
Nationality: German
Other Information
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 1,60 m
Occupation(s): Actress
Family & Friends
Family: Biba Koné (Sister)
Series Information
Character: Mara Minkmar

Féréba Koné is a German actress who played Mara Minkmar (the German version of Mara Sabri/Noa van Rijn and Mara Jaffray)  in Das Haus Anubis and Das Haus Anubis: Pfad der 7 Sünden

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  • She is funny, loud, brash, self-confident and cheerful.
  • Féréba like singing, dancing and shopping.
  • She hates flying, because it has total fear of flying.
  • She makes it happy to spend time with her family.
  • She makes her sad when she sees cruelty to animals
  • Favorite actress: Drew Barrymore
  • Favorite Series: "Lost"
  • Favorite singer: Beyonce and Jay-Z
  • Favorite City: New York
  • Favorite Food: Fufu, an African porridge made from banana and yam
  • She loves online shopping
  • Féréba do not like cheese bread
  • Féréba collects nail polish and she has in all different colors.
  • Féréba auditioned in the first round of casting for the role of Nina Martens.


Year Show/Movie Role
1999-2001 Die Kinder vom Alstertal Rose Reimer
2004 Die Rettungsflieger
2005 Bella Block
2008 Einsatz in Hamburg Naomi Stahl
2009-2012 Das Haus Anubis Mara Minkmar
2012 Das Haus Anubis - Pfad der 7 Sünden Mara Minkmar
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